Banquet Chair Product Series

  • Amera

    The Amera features ergonomics built right into the frame and seat foundation to provide your guests with all day comfort. The Amera II features the same great ergonomics  in a compelling angular look.

  • Everflex Banquet Chairs

    A Million Cycles Strong: The Everflex Series are our most popular banquet chairs; while a standard for brand hotels, there is nothing standard about the extraordinary comfort of our patented million-cycle flex.

  • Titan ZM Stack Chairs

    Zero Maintenance Never Looked So Good: The Titan ZM Series remains the industry’s standard for rock solid durability built with 100% USA local components for lasting sustainability perfect for any facility.

  • Postureflex Banquet Chairs

    Achieve Long Lasting Elegance: The Postureflex Series banquet chairs provide the best of all venues: a look of elegance, the comfort of a flexback, and the practicality of stack chairs. It’s a winning combination.

  • Conference Seating

    Zero Maintenance Never Felt So Good: Like our Titan ZM, our Conference Series features zero maintenance components built 100% in the USA. The comfort of these 20” wide stack chairs are perfect for conference, convention and theatrical venues.

  • Harmony Shell Chairs

    If You Can Dream it… The Harmony Series is the perfect canvas for your dream with mix and match frame and shell configurations highly customizable to produce the stunning look you’re after.

  • Event Furniture

    You need Event Furniture – we have it! From tables to folding chairs, we have the event furniture you need, AND the carts and dollies to set up and tear down quickly. Call us today for quick delivery.

  • Zero Maintenance Never Looked So Good