Harmony Simetria

The Harmony Series by Bertolini Hospitality & Design features high-pressure laminate shells that offer a variety of shapes, frames, cut-outs and finishes as well as endless customization opportunities. Achieve a truly unique look by creating your own Harmony Series chair with your own proprietary shape design, shell, cutout, veneer, and frame. Match the exact look and feel of your project design by selecting from a wide variety of shell veneers. Standard natural veneers include Beech, Birch, and Maple with your choice of a clear or stained finish. Special veneers such as Cherry, Walnut, and Oak are available as well. Additionally Bertolini offers laminates from the leading suppliers in the industry. We also provide sustainable, reconstituted and engineered exotic wood veneers in varieties like Zebrawood, Wenge, and Birds Eye Maple from both Apli® and Tabu®.

Technical Specs


Each model component is digitized using a Microscribe digitizing arm to create a full 3-D model in SolidWorks and transferred to CNC machines using MasterCAM technology. A specialized simulation software is also used to guarantee the accuracy of the press tools and the machining of the parts before being released for production.


High-resistance commercial grade finish is included on all the exposed grade products. Additionally, we offer expert color-matching for special wood stain finishes. All finishing products are exclusively water-based.

Plywood Shells

The shells are also designed for heavy duty commercial use. The core veneers are all high-density hardwoods, mostly beech, maple or birch. The overall thickness is just under ½” with a minimum of 9 layers of veneer.

The face veneers may be either one of the following:

  • Standard Beech / Birch / Maple – Clear or stained finish.
  • Special Veneers such as Cherry, Walnut or Oak with any type of cut (Flat Cut, Quarter Cut etc.)
  • Reconstituted veneers such as Alpi®, Tabu®, etc.
  • High Pressure Laminates (P-Lam) from most brands such as Wilsonart®, Formica®, Nevamar®, Arborite® etc.
  • The direction of the grain of the face veneers can be either Vertical or Horizontal


Metal Frames

The frames are all designed for heavy duty commercial use. They are all tested and pass the BIFMA tests.

  • All the tubes are cold rolled steel.
  • The 5/8″ tubes are 13gg and reinforced at the bends with a ½” rod.
  • The ¾” tubes are 16gg and reinforced at the bends with a 5/8″ rod.
  • The ½” rod is solid steel.

Details and Attachments

We offer special formulated attachments with 4 screws each for a total of 16 screws to hold the shells to the metal frames and act as stacking bumpers at the same time. These attachments were tested by BIFMA and are now the standard for large restaurant and hospitality chains using shell-chairs.

Sustainability Profile

Certified and built with responsible management of forest resources.


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