Postureflex SFB X915816M

36.25" Height

18.375" Width

22" Depth

16" Seat Width

18.5" Seat Height

19.2 lbs. Weight

10 high Stacks

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Product Overview

The Postureflex™ SFB banquet chair x915816 gains its unique styling cues by combining traditional silhouetted backs with a center-flex spine to produce a distinctive look. Complement this with a sculpted waterfall seat, and your selection of fabric and finish, and you have a chair that communicates your unique style and décor. This banquet stacker blends the comfort of a center-flex spine and silhouetted back with the ergonomic characteristics of Bertolini’s proprietary Flex-Fit™ polymer seat and a generous portion of our exclusive BLUE commercial grade foam to provide your guests with uncompromising seating comfort. Under its smooth exterior lies the industry’s most durable and sustainable seating structure. We take the industry’s strongest banquet chair frame and add our ZERO Maintenance Flex-Fit™ seat with BosScrew™ technology for rock solid durability. All of this produces a stunning chair that lasts longer and needs replacing less often.

Technical Specs

Back Shape:

Mitered square

Frame Construction:

Back Loop:

3/4" 16 gauge square steel tubing, flux-cored arc welded, mitered and mandrel-formed loop assembly.

Seat Sub-frame:

3/4" 16 gauge square steel tubing, flux-cored arc welded, mitered and mandrel-formed loop assembly with rear support bar.

Flex Device:

Consist of a "L" shaped spring made from 1/4" x 5"x15" flat-stock heat treated aluminum. Fastened to the frame using four grade 8 zinc coated bolts and weld-nuts. Fastened to the back assembly using four 1/4" zinc coated bolts and pronged t-nut fasteners.


Semi-mitered 1" 17 gauge radius edged square tubing for 6% more strength than standard 1" 16 gauge square tubing.

Stack Bars:

1/2" 18 gauge electric welded steel tube with two stack buttons per bar. Stacks 10 high.

Torsion Bars:

5/16" diameter solid steel torsion rods for superior vibration absorption.

Steel Tubing:

    Meets ASTM A-1008-03-CS-TYPE B/SAE-1010-AK
  • 16 gauge wall thickness of .060" +/- 10%.
  • 17 gauge wall thickness of .054" +/- 10%
  • 18 gauge wall thickness of .048" +/- 10%


28+ individual MIG welds

Bertolini frames are made from the strongest steel in the seating industry. Frames are randomly tested for quality and durability. While all Bertolini frames exceed all ASNI/BIFMA requirements, Bertolini regularly tests to three or four times BIFMA standards to ensure the best quality and performance.

Self-Tightening BosScrew™

Back Construction:

Back Attachment:

Back is attached with #10x5/8 screws through 6 cold-rolled steel tabs.

Inner Back:

Inner wood back is 1/2" plywood board with 1.0" thick 1.5 LB/CU.FT. flame retardant polyurethane foam. Meets CAL-117-2013 requirements.

Outer Back:

Outer back is contract grade chip board with 3/8" flame retardant polyurethane foam. Outer back is attached using 17 pull-stop nylon fasteners offering a 2 piece back supported within the steel back loop without exposed fasteners. Each fastener is tested to 40 lbs. holding strength.

Flex Back:

Heat treated aluminum spring-L cycle tested to 250,000 cycles

Comfort of Postureflex

Seat Construction:

Flex-fit blow molded seat made from post-industrial recycled plastic for the most environmentally friendly banquet chair on the market. Seat offers double the break strength of a traditional wood or wood/webbed seat base while still offering a flexible base for comfort and foam life. Seat offers 1.5" of 3 LB/CU. FT. Density and ILD of 50 Lbs commercial grade American foam. Meets CAL-117 requirements.

Innovative Flex-Fit™ Seat



4 Clear, Non-Corrosive, Ribbed and Double Booted Rocker Glides offered exclusively by Bertolini Inc. Self-leveling rocker glides eliminate the common failures of swivel-glides and are backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Stack Buttons:

Friction-fit, non-rigid polymer stack buttons providing non-marring stacking assistance and support.


20 Year Structural Frame Warranty, 10 Year Component Warranty. Glides for Life of your chair.

Often specified with these accessories:

  • Clear or Black Glides:

    Clear plastic glides complement any chair; for floors that tend to show scuff marks.

  • Radius Interlocks

    Radius interlocks allow enough space to make a semi-circle.

  • Retractable Interlocks

    These interlocks can be retracted to hide away when not in use.


Longest Banquet Chair Warranty in the Industry:

20 years structural and 10 years components.

Maximum ROI for Your Property:

We've brought together the industry's strongest frame, zero maintenance seat and longest warranty to provide you with maximum return on investment.

Sustainability Profile

A Banquet Chair that is Built and Sourced Locally in the USA:

Quality built in the USA for a chair that lasts longer and needs replacing less often; locally sourced with components such as recyclable USA steel, bio-based foam cushioning, and 30+% post industrial recycled seat polymers.

Read more about our sustainability efforts...


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