Bertolini Banquet Chairs. The Right Choice for You.

Sourced for Sustainability

Every Bertolini banquet chair is built with locally sourced materials. The 16 gauge cold rolled steel frame is produced from 100% recyclable AMERICAN made steel. This highly durable frame configuration will outlast other banquet chair frames by nearly double, alleviating the need for frequent replacement. This robust banquet chair product life cycle factors into sustainability and allows for a TWENTY (20) YEAR frame warranty in comparison to the typical 12 year banquet chair warranty offered by others. We manufacture our banquet chair seats with a patent pending BLOW MOLDED FLEX-FIT™ SEAT which is produced with 30 to 50% post industrial recycled materials. While that’s a great start, the fact that these seats will support over 800lbs (focused in the very center of the seat!) creates a perfect product life cycle and sustainability match to our durable banquet chair frame, and is included in the 20 year structural warranty. Our bio-based foam cushioning products leave a smaller environmental footprint in comparison to traditional foams made with petroleum products, are fully recyclable, are free of the controversial PBDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and are produced without the use of chlorinated fluorocarbons. These bio-based foams are so good that their performance meets or exceeds the petroleum based counter parts they’ve replaced. Bertolini discourages the use of plating for banquet chair finishes and instead offers a more environmentally friendly finish in electrostatic polyester based powder-coats utilizing an in-house state-of-the-art powder coat system that is self-contained with zero emissions and zero environmental impact. We have reduced cardboard in packaging our banquet chairs and conference chairs by eliminating the need for fully enclosed boxes in our deliveries; all of our banquet chairs are delivered in a custom shrink wrapped protection stacks.
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Applied Innovation

Bertolini is at the forefront when it comes to innovation. The Flex-Fit™ seat, the Fit-Tight™ fastening system with BosScrew™ technology and the unique Everflex™ composite spring system are some of the latest in applied innovation you’ll only find in a Bertolini banquet chair or conference chair. THE FLEX-FIT™ SEAT: The Flex-Fit™ seat gains its unique ability to take on ergonomic characteristics, produce rock-solid durability and maintain a lightweight contribution to the banquet chair through an innovative process referred to as blow molding; the benefit of its amazing comfort is produced by an ergonomically designed shape combined with a balance of rigidity and flex for a consistent sitting performance. THE FIT-TIGHT™ FASTENING SYSTEM WITH BOSSCREW™ TECHNOLOGY: Ask any banquet manager and he’s sure to tell you that nothing ruins vacuums faster than screws dislodged from banquet chair seats. The problem is stacking vibration and the loose screws this vibration creates; gravity assist and the loose screws fall out of the banquet chair seat and end up on the floor. The BosScrew™ was engineered to solve such loosening problems. This amazing fastener tightens rather than loosens with vibration! That’s why our engineers paired the BosScrew™ with the Fight-Tight™ fastening system as part of the Flex-Fit™ seat to create the only Zero Maintenance banquet chairs and conference chairs. THE EVERFLEX™: The new EVERFLEX™ banquet chairs and conference chairs blend the comfort of a flexible back with the ergonomic characteristics of Bertolini’s proprietary Flex-Fit™ polymer seat providing your guests with five star seating comfort that will last all day long. These chairs build on the innovative Flex-fit™ seat and BosScrew™ technology, adding the million cycle EVERFLEX™ composite spring system for a chair that costs less, lasts longer and needs replacing less often.

3rd Gen Furniture Building

The Bertolini family started building premium hospitality seating here in USA over 50 years ago for such household names as Denny’s restaurants, Radisson Hotels and Disneyland. Today Bertolini Hospitality & Design provides that same tradition of world-class quality banquet chair manufacturing in several lines of stackable hospitality seating designed to provide Zero Maintenance banquet chairs and conference chairs to facility managers —the Postureflex banquet chairs, EverFlex banquet chairs, Titan ZM banquet chairs, Titan LM banquet chairs and Impression™ Series conference chairs by Bertolini. Engineered with today’s banquet and conference facilities in mind, these hospitality seating products feature a host of innovative improvements with real world benefits such as durability, comfort and sustainability. Bertolini’s experience in crafting well made, locally sourced banquet chairs and conference chairs will produce maximum impact on your facility and guest while creating minimal impact on your budget, time and the environment.

Custom Built in the USA

While many of our competitors are willing to sell you a banquet chair imported form Asia or South America, at Bertolini Hospitality & Design we’re committed to building all of our banquet chairs right here in the USA. We think doing so is important for all the right reasons that come quickly to most of our minds: employment, economics and fair labor practices to name a few. And while any of these are definitely reason enough, we are also motivated by the desire to benefit you, our local customer, by being right in your neighborhood. That way we can ship banquet chairs to you faster without having to limit your choices, ensure that you’re 110% satisfied with the banquet chairs and conference chairs you receive, and give you the confidence that you’ll never have to worry about your banquet chairs, ever. You see, we’ll be here standing behind our hospitality seating product in the decades to come just like we’ve stood behind it in past decades. That’s what you can expect when your banquet chairs are “Custom Built by Bertolini.” That’s the Bertolini Difference.

We Stand Behind Every Chair

While we strive to produce absolute perfection in hospitality seating and conference seating every time, things still can happen. When they do, we’ll be right there to ensure your banquet chairs are exactly what you expected. With our local manufacturing facilities located in Chino, California and Lawrenceburg, Tennessee we’re practically in your neighborhood. Our banquet chair and conference chair manufacturing facilities have open doors for you to visit any time; and our sales, customer care, engineering, and warranty and repair teams are prepped and ready to serve you both today and in the future, just as we have in the past.